Jie Li

Academician of CAS and EASA, University Distinguished Chair Professor, College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, China

Structural Reliability under Multiple Loads and Disaster Actions

The reliability analysis of engineering structures under multiple loads and disaster actions is an unsolved problem in the development of the reliability research. Starting from the mathematical description of the principle of load coincidence, this lecture discusses in detail the analysis method of the structural response under multiple loads and disaster actions. By introducing the physical synthesis method of reliability analysis, a new approach to the structural reliability under multiple loads and disaster actions is suggested. Some specific research examples and engineering applications are presented. The development showed in the lecture make known that the third generation of structural design theory has become a realistic option in the engineering practice.

Personal Profile:
Prof. Jie Li is a Chair Professor in the Structural Engineering at Tongji University, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, and the director of the International Joint Research Center for Engineering Reliability & Stochastic Mechanics. He received Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from Tongji University, China in 1988, and received an honorary doctorate in engineering science from Aalborg University, Denmark in 2013.

Prof. Li has been devoted to the theoretical research on structural engineering and stochastic mechanics over 35 years. His contributions are distributed in the area of stochastic dynamics, damage mechanics and engineering reliability. Prof. Li is the author of six monographs and more than 400 peer reviewed journal papers. He received more than 20 national and provincial (ministerial) scientific and technological awards, including National Natural Science Award of China. In 2014, Prof. Li was awarded the Alfred M. Freudenthal Medal by ASCE, owing to his academic achievements in the probability density evolution method and in the seismic reliability based design of large-scale infrastructure systems. 

Prof. Li served as the president of International Association for Structural Safety and Reliability (IASSAR) from 2017 to 2022, and currently serves as a member of the director board of International Conference of Damage Mechanics (ICDM) and the Fellow of Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI). Prof. Li also serves as the vice president of Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering.